Sharing Circles

As long as I can remember I’ve longed to connect to others on a deeper level than we normally do in every day life. For years I felt called to create a space for people to meet without masks and share their reality. To answer to this calling, I’m now hosting Sharing Circles- and I would LOVE for you to join! 

The magic of the circle  

The circle is a powerful communication tool, which has been used at all times in all cultures as a space for conscious communication.  In the circle we are all equals; no one is above, below in front or in the back. We all face each other, and this creates a state of presence and and trust, which invites each of us to share what matters the most to us.

Also you have a unique story- and the Sharing Circle gives you the rare chance to tell it, without being met with comments or good advice. During the Sharing Circle a “talking object” is passed around. Only the one who has the talking object speaks. By simply listening, without trying to solve anything, we give each other space to be as we are in this moment. This can be a very touching and healing experience, leaving you feeling loved and connected to the ones around you.

How to take part? 

For a limited period of time I offer these powerful Sharing Circles for free or for a small entrance fee (to cover the rent of the room) & your feedback. The Sharing Circles can take place in English or in (my imperfect )Dutch. If you’re interested in arranging a circle in your local neighborhood, to your clients or as part of a training that you offer, in your company or organisation or with a certain group of people, please get in touch. I would enjoy to do this together! If you want to be invited for upcomming circles, sign up for my newsletter below: