Sharing Circles

A Sharing Circle is a space for authentic communication, which invites us to drop the every day masks and share what really matters to us. The Sharing Circle gives each participant the space to share his or her reality, without being met with comments or good advice. By simply listening to each other, we give each other the beautiful gift of feeling seen and acknowledged for who we are.

How does it work?

  • A group of 5-10 people form a circle together.

  • For each Sharing circle there’s a theme, to create a shared focus in  the group. Examples of themes could be “Passion”, “My biggest challenge”,  “Gratitude” or “My Life Theme”.

  • As a facilitator I’ll introduce the theme in order to inspire the Sharing. The introduction is in English, while the Sharing itself takes place in Dutch.  In some circles, the participants are given some time to share their additional reflections on the theme, in order to draw on our collective wisdom.

  • Before we start the Sharing Circle, there’ll be an exercise or guided meditation to help you become present and connect to your own core.  

  • During the Sharing Circle a “talking object” is passed around. Only the one who has the talking object speaks. The others listen attentively.

  • Each participant is given an equal amount of time to share his or her reality. The time is kept by the facilitator, who makes sure that the one who speaks gets a chance to round of in a natural way.

Want to take part?

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