Love Your Life!

  • Are you ready to forgive yourself all that you did or did not do in the past- and start seeing the deeper meaning in everything you’ve gone through?

  • Do you want to say YES! to your current life situation- no matter how far from perfect it is?

  • Are you willing to step into your true power and start creating the life that you’re (secretly) longing for?

 Then this is your invitation for my new course,  LOVE YOUR LIFE! During 3 workshops, I’ll guide you on an inner journey to make peace with your past, embrace your present and start creating the future of your dreams.



Workshop 1: Make peace with your past

In this workshop you’ll draw the timeline of your life with all the events that have made you who you are today. You’ll start seeing the gifts and get a sense of your life theme.  We’ll round up with a group healing and a beautiful fire ritual to help you let go of that which no longer serves you.


                                              Workshop 2: Embrace your present

In this workshop you’ll get a rare chance to share about your current life situation and really be listened to.

You’ll get tools to become more present in the moment, allow what is to be and feel grateful for where you are.

Being able to be fully here and now is crucial to creating the change you want to see in your life.


Workshop 3: Step into your future

In this last workshop, you’ll tap into your purpose, passion and power, in order to create the life that you want to see. You’ll put your dreams into words, learn how to start manifesting them and take the first step in order to make them come true.


A space for transformation

The course will take place in a peaceful yoga studio, which’ll help you to look deeper into yourself. As a facilitator, I’ll be there to create an atmosphere of trust and make sure that you feel comfortable in the proces. In every workshop there’ll be a Sharing Circle, which gives you the space to share about your experiences without being interrupted.

 The introductions will take place in English, while dialogues will take place in Dutch- so don’t let the language stop you!

I’ll serve tea and a snack in the morning, while I kindly ask you to bring your favorite food to enjoy together in the lunch break.







Price & Registration

Since it’s the first time I do this course, I offer it to you for only 50 euros (⅓ of the price!)

In return I ask for your feedback by filling in a questionnaire after the course.

The course will be run on demand, so if you want to join the group of interested people, please send an email to When there’s enough people to run the course, we’ll find some dates and a place that fits all.