Soul Food

After a weekend where I’ve been taking care of the needs of my family, I’m now finally able to take care of my own. I’m sitting in the garden, in the early summer sun, doing what I’ve been longing to do all that time; writing. Writing is my way of digesting daily life, it’s my holy moment of reflection and my way of paying tribute to the beauty of Life. Ever since I was a little girl, writing has been almost as crucial as oxygen to me.

In other words, writing is one of my favorite soul foods. Soul food is to the soul what regular food is to the body. If you don’t eat, you’ll die, it’s as simple as that. If you don’t feed your soul, you might be alive, but you’ll feel dead inside. When I don’t manage to take care of my deepest needs, when I don’t find that space to feed my soul, I turn crazy like a tiger in a cage.

This time I didn’t see it coming. I had turned off the alarm clock Friday night to recap some sleep and so the next morning I skipped my morning practise- one of my favorite moments of the day, which normally helps me to start off mindfully. Instead, I was woken up by my husband, who brought me my son who came to sit on my lab. I served my daughter breakfast and spent the morning building a hut for her in her room. I took care of the kids while my husband was doing a practical job in the house. All morning my own needs were put on standby. And by the time we reached the afternoon, I was finding myself feeling exhausted, depressed and empty inside. I had completely lost contact with my own spirit and I knew it was time to make a shift.

I left the kids with my husband and went to take a walk in the lovely weather. I felt the ground under my feet and the wind in my hair. I observed all the little miracles around me. And so step by step, I reconnected to my spirit. I stepped onto a beautiful little path, found myself a sunny spot and sat down on the ground. Within a few minutes of just breathing into the divine afternoon sunlight with my eyes closed, I was filled up from within. And when I opened my eyes I felt happy, fully alive and in love with Life. Witnessing this shift happening in such a short time, made it crystal clear to me just how much it means to nourish our souls. Doing so simply makes all the difference.

While some of my soul foods are writing, being in nature and connecting to my core during my daily spiritual practise, what feeds your soul might be something totally different. While I was sitting there in the sun, I could hear the sound of people playing soccer close by, their shouting full of enthusiasm. Soccer, it seemed to me, was their soul food. While I’m writing this a dear friend of mine’s spending time in the Greek island of Lesbos, doing what she’d been dreaming of doing; helping refugees in a camp. Even though she’s working from morning to evening, doing work which is physically exhausting and listening to the awfull stories of the people, it’s fulfilling her deeply to do this work. Her soul is flourishing and this intense experience brings a smile to her face in the midst of all the pain.

When you know what makes your soul shine, it’s easier to treat yourself with some soul food. When you do so, you’re (re)connecting with your soul- the only real source of everything that you long to feel in Life. You know that you’re connected to your soul when you’re feeling joy. When you’re feeling intensely ALIVE. When you’re so passionate about something that you just have, to do it. When your’e letting your self guide by your intuition. When you’re in your element, doing what you do naturally, without forcing. Simply put, it’s a matter of being turned off or being turned on. I’m sure you know the difference. And when you do, you’ll always find a way to turn on your inner light again and again.

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